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歡迎您來到SiL SiL Jewelry純銀首飾精品店

本公司設立在香港2015成立,我們以極簡約主義概念以及精緻的線條設計出多款SiL SiL自家純銀品牌系列,絕對襯托出時尚風格。我們很榮幸獲得ELLE-香港雜誌推薦我們的產品。


除了SiL SiL自家品牌系列產品外,客戶自定設計的產品是我們最受歡迎的系列,例如項鍊,手鍊,戒指,耳環或鑰匙扣,袖口扣可以按照客戶提供的圖案/文字來訂制屬於自己設計的純銀首飾產品。



SiL SiL Jewelry可以為您至愛送上一份獨一無二的品質純銀飾品


SiLSiL Jewelry and Co.



Welcome to SiLSiL Sterling Silver Jewelry

Based in hustling and bustling Hong Kong, our mission is to bring you minimalist jewelry produced from genuine 100% 925 Sterling Silver, 18k Gold, Rose Gold and White Gold. Our vision is channeled into exquisite designs which will sure turn heads. Glad and honored we must mention ELLE- Hong Kong Magazine for featuring us in their November 2015 spread promoting our outstanding innovation and product quality achievement. 

Other than shopping from our existing line our most popular section is customization. Since we come believing in creative expression we allow you the freedom to be the author of your piece. To have a necklace, bracelet, ring, earrings or key chain to turn out just the way you've pictured, simply send in a reference image. From there, we will professionally draw up whatever image you have provided us with digitally. Then off it goes to be manufactured in America. With us, options are truly endless- from a signature, pattern, scanned picture to cursive hand writings we will do it!

We hope to inspire, create and deliver the best to you. Happy Shopping!

Love SiLSiL Jewelry and Co.